DE212 Global XLR

Item nr: 02920

Wireless deadman system for harbours and oil terminals.

Key features/advantages:

  • Proven system: More than 5 years of operational experience.

  • Safer operation: Remote shutdown.

  • Less maintenance: No cable fray or break.

  • More freedom for checking during refueling: The refueller's position is no longer limited by a cable.

  • Easy installation and operation.

  • Integrated timer: No extra timer unit needed.

  • Longer battery life.

Technical information:

  • All units have a failsafe design.

  • ATEX approval, EX/IECEx classified.

  • Low power, licence-free operation.

  • Built-in timer function.

  • Operating frequency: 2,4 GHz.

  • Output power: 1 mW / 0 dBm.

  • Operating range: up to 700 m.

  • Battery capacity: 12 hrs