DE212 Global DM RC

Did you know that Delta RC AS has the world first EX-certified wireless deadman remote control? 

The DE212 system was developed in the early 2000’s and are in use at airports across the globe. It can be found at small local airports as well as in big international airports. The system provides safe refuelling and are reliable with low to no downtime for the ground maintenance. The transmitter is ATEX/EX approved which makes the system available to fulfill most safety requirements for harsh work environments. 

For many years it has been standard practice to employ a deadman system for aircraft fuelling, which automatically stops the flow of fuel when the operator releases a hand held switch. The switch is normally electric and is fed through a current limiting device via an extendable couled suzie cable.

However, there are shortcomings with this system. The suzie cables are not always long enough for the stand off refuelling, and therefore tend to be over stretched. This results in premature breakdown of the core which normally causes the system to fail closed, but there have been incidents where the rusult has been a short circuit, rendering the deadman system permanently operational, even when the switch is released. Also it is now becoming more common for the refuelling operator to operate the aircraft fuel control panel whilst reduelling. This can require even longer suzie cables for stand off refuelling, or the use of a second suzie cable/switch mounted on the vehicle elevating platform when underwing refuelling wide bodied aircraft.

There is now a system available which helps overcome these problems, the Delta DE212 wireless deadman system.

The Delta DE212 wireless system uses a transmitter (the handheld unit), to send a coded digital signal to a reciever unit inside the vehicle cab, which in turn controls the vehicle deadman system. The signal is digital and transmits on a intermittent timeshare basis, and the reciever and handswitch are coded together. This combination of features allows the unit to operate without interference from stray radio signals or from adjacent wireless deadman systems. 

The handswitch is ergonomically designed and is extremely robust and light to handle. It is fitted with a rechargeable battery with capacity for about 12h continuous operation, and incorporates a transmission indicator light and a low battery warning light, which signals at 15mins battery life remaining. When the refuelling is finished the handswitch is stowed onto the reciever unit, at which point the battery is automatically recharged, initially at a high rate and thereafter on trickle charge. The charging contacts are current limited so it is not posible to generate a spar or shock from them, and they are also protected against shirt circuit. The action of stowing the handswitch automatically sends a signal to the vehicle brake interlock system. It is therefore impossible to drive the vehicle away unless the handswitch is stowed so it cannot be inadcertantly left at the aircraft. 

A deadman timer feature is included as standard, with separate warning light and sounder outputs, although the timer can be disabled if not required. The reciever unit is fittet with an emergency stop button, which is also used for coding the handswitch to the reciever and to initiate a boost charging cycle should be necessary. 

However, the Delta DE212 wireless system has some additional features which have not been available up until the latest versions of the system. It has a remote emergency stop button which is accessed by lifting the handswitch trigger. By pressing this button the operator can close down the complete vehicle deadman system, and also remotely stop the engine. 

This is a significant safety improvement because in the event of serious vehicle problem developing, for example an engine fire, the operator would not want to return to the vehicle to press the local emergency engine stop button. With the Delta DE212 system they do not need to. 

There is also an additional button (extra feature) on the handswitch, which can be used for a number of purposes, such as remote engine speed control or remote hose reel rewind. The Delta DE212 wireless system gives the operator much more freedom to move around the refuelling area, and fully complies with the JIG guidelines. 

The transmitter also has full ATEX/EX approval for use in hazardous areas, which is not available on many of the existing wired systems. 

Ordering information 03040 – DE212 Global DM RC set

This is a set which includes transmitter, reciever and antenna. 02705 – TX212 Global transmitter 03038 – RX212 Global reciever 12376 – Antenna 2,4GHz 5dBi RP-SMA(m) 20cm

Transmitter and reciever can be ordered separately.

Note: The standard delivery of a system has these main functions:
• Timer controlled deadman. Running for 2 min. continuously. Warning light, or beeper tells operator 30 sec. before end of the 2 min. Restart timer by a short release of the deadman function.
• Emergency STOP. High output signal as long as power is on. The output is switched to OFF= low, as long as the STOP button on the transmitter is pressed.
• External Override. An input signal from an external unit, which overrides the deadman handset. Emergency STOP on the handset is still active, even if external override is used.
• An interlock output signal when the transmitter is placed in the charge station on the receiver front. Can be used to lock the vehicle from moving after refuelling.


DE212 Global DM XLR RC – Extra long range transmitter 02920 – TX212 Global XLR transmitter 02528 – RX212 Global XLR reciever 12376 – Antenna 2,4GHz 5dBi RP-SMA(m) 20cm

Difference from DE212 DM RC is the Operating range: Up to 700 m with line of sight. 

DE212 Global DM DSD RC – Driver safety Device 02910 – TX212 Global DSD transmitter 02427 – RX212 Global DSD reciever 12376 – Antenna 2,4GHz 5dBi RP-SMA(m) 20cm

For road tankers and not aviation environment. 


For prices and delivery time, please contact your local reseller or Delta RC AS directly.